Caster Accessories from AIE Company Inc.
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Caster Accessories

caster brakes and swivel locks

Caster Brakes and Swivel Locks

Featured Items:

  • Colson and Albion Caster Brakes Side Lock, Tread Lock, Total lock, Tech Lock and Swivel Locks.

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caster floor locks, leveling jacks and turntables

Caster Floor Locks, Leveling Jacks and Turntables

Featured Items:

  • Colson, Albion, and Shepherd Floor Locks.
  • Albion and Shepherd Leveling Jacks.
  • Albion Turntables.
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caster sockets, bumpers and quick-release pads

Caster Sockets, Bumpers and Quick-Release Pads

Featured Items:

  • Shepherd and Faultless Sockets.
  • Colson and Albion Bumpers.
  • Albion Quick Release Pad.
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