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Wheels - High Temperature

Faultless RT High Temp


RT High Temp Wheels Load Capacity 600 - 1400 Lbs. Each

Reinforced Thermoplastic material and specific processing create this high per- formance, durable, and cost effective wheel. The RT series of wheels, designed for use in the Faultless 1400 and 400 Series Casters, are ideally suited for food processing, tool storage, sanitary maintenance, and applications requiring easy mobility under heavy loads. They are extremely resistant to water, chemical absorption, and steam cleaning. Standard wheel operating temperature range is -20°F to +250°F and the High Temperature version range is -20°F to +480°F. Durometer is 65D.

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RW RETORT polypropylene Wheel

Designed to withstands the rigors of high temperature, these wheels are perfect for cooker racks and retort carts. Oversized bore ID ensures smooth move- ment, even if wheels experience heat expansion.

  • Wheel Face: Moderate crown
  • Finish: White
  • Temperature Range: -20 degrees up to +290 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Hardness: 75 Shore D Same options as PB
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Albion HE Hi Temp Wheels


HE Hi-Temp Nylon Wheels

Ideal for speciality applications, these wheels can withstand intermittent temperatures up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. Nylon Glass-filled wheels won’t chip, absorb water, or breakdown in caustic environments.

  • Wheel face: Moderate crown
  • Finish: Black
  • Temperature Range: Up to 475°F, 550°F intermittent consult factory
  • Hardness: 85 Shore D ±5
  • For stainless steel roller bearing specify ZB03
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Colson Thermo



Thermo wheels feature a standard operating temperature range from -70°F (continuous service) to +525°F (intermittent service, 475°F continuous service). These are molded from an exclusive engineered resin compound that offers non-marking floor protection, near zero water absorption, high load capacities and long service life. A special manufacturing process enables these wheels to retain a consistent bearing bore even when exposed to elevated temperatures. Furthermore, Thermo wheels are 100% recyclable, and they are highly resistant to animal fats, vegetable oils and salt solutions. The life expectancy of Thermo wheels is three times longer than high-temp phenolic wheels, and they offer an equal load capacity. Unlike high-temp phenolic wheels, Colson Thermo wheels have no outer skin that can break and absorb water or other fluids.

  • Temperature range: -70°F to +525°F intermittent service, (+480° continuous service).
  • Hardness: 85(±5) Durometer Shore D scale.
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Colson ThermoTECH



Colson ThermoTech Wheels feature a rubber tread that can take the heat. They are quiet and non-marking for superior floor protection. The rubber tread is an advanced technology rubber compound bonded to an aluminum core.

  • Temperature range: -45°F to +525°F intermittent service, (+490° continuous service).
  • Hardness: 75(±5) Durometer Shore A scale.
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Colson TPE Hi Temp



TPE HI-TEMP wheels are perfect when you need an economical alternative for moderately high temperature environments. The wheels are crafted of grey thermoplastic elastomer tread chemically bonded to a white polyolefin core and feature a single insert molded stainless steel radial bearing. TPE HI-TEMP are ideal for medical applications and environments requiring wash down.

  • Temperature Range: -40°F to 180°F with intermittent temperature up to 300°F.
  • Hardness: 65(±5) Durometer Shore A scale.
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AIE High Temperature Phenolic Wheels


High Temperature Phenolic Wheels

High Temperature Resistant Wheels will give excellent continuous service at temperatures up to 475 Degrees F. They can be used intermittently as high as 525 degrees F. Applications include baking ovens, curing ovens, and autoclaves. These wheels are available in 3" to 12" diameter in a wide variety of bore and hub length sizes. Please call or email if you have a special requirement.

  • Bearings are available. Please contact us for requested bearing size and type.
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